About Flawless Finishes Ltd

Our value is in our name, backed by our experience and recommended by several satisfied customers who have first-hand experience of the flawless finishes we provide.

At Flawless Finishes we provide professional painting and decorating services across the wider Christchurch area. We are proud to be registered Master Painters and ECO Decorators. We greatly value the opportunity to personally engage with our customers to provide quality assurance, advice, assistance and a free consultation on the transformation of your home or light commercial space.

We offer a range of services from wallpaper to feature walls and interior and exterior house painting.

We do it once and we do it right.

We are dedicated, professional and flexible, offering an after-hours service to minimize disruption for businesses and a quick turnaround service such as is required for rental properties. We work independently and directly for our customers, as well as providing our expertise for larger companies such as Bayphil Construction Ltd and Mallia Group.

About Flawless Finishes Ltd

Our Flawless Finishes team is made up of 9 core members. Meet the team

We value the opportunity to work directly with our customers, providing friendly, professional advice and options based on our hands-on experience.

We maintain our own expanding customer base, including a lot of repeat work for our customer’s own homes, apartments, rental properties, holiday homes, office space and more.

When required we provide our painting and decorating services for Bayphil Construction Ltd, providing our expertise for a range of applications including EQC work.

A Flawless History

Kieran Fahy has been working in the painting and decorating trade since he left school at 17. With a lifelong love for the industry, Kieran eventually started his own business “Flawless Finishes”, in Ireland. This business was a successful and well-reputed painting and decorating business that ran for two and a half years until Kieran set out to travel the world, eventually settling in Australia, then later in New Zealand.

Kieran notes that while a lot of New Zealand painting and decorating businesses are strictly interior and exterior house painters, in Ireland the competition is much steeper and the success of a painting and decorating business hinges on being able to provide a wider range of services; including professional wallpapering and plastering. Mastering these techniques enabled Kieran to provide a competitively well-rounded service, and his experience gave him the knowledge to offer excellent advice in home improvements, including colour and style and making noticeable style changes on a budget.

At the close of the business in Ireland, Kieran and Helen moved to New Zealand and fell in love with the place, and here they still are, serving Christchurch and the wider Canterbury area with stunning painting and decorating services.

The Flawless Finishes business is owned by Kieran and Helen, and was launched in New Zealand by Kieran and Iain in 2014 for the purpose of providing expert painting and decorating services in Canterbury, and expressly to provide one-on-one consultations for a higher level of options, advice and quality assurance than what was currently available.

Iain hails from Scotland, where he worked for 13 years in the painting and decorating trade, becoming one of the most talented decorative plasterers we’ve ever seen. Previously Iain and Kieran had worked together for 2 years as Senior Foremen for a well-known New Zealand painting and decorating company, where the core of the work was EQC repairs. Sometimes they were the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th people on the job to correct work that had not been done up to standard the first time. This work, though sad to see, was satisfying in that they were relied upon to be the final fix – yet it was also impersonal, with no direct interaction with the client to provide a personal guarantee and reassurance after what must have been a series of very disappointing service providers.

With the opening of their own business, using the name from Kierans’ original business back in Ireland, Flawless Finishes gave Kieran and Iain the creative control they were looking for, including more of a focus on personally engaging with their customers to build a loyal base and expand their reputation. Now we, as the Flawless team, take pride in meeting with our customers to consult on a wider range of options, advice, quality assurance, special requirements and much more.