Iain Sandilands

Owner/Operations Manager

Iain started painting in 1999 and has worked for 3 different painting companies in the last 21 years. In his spare time, Iain enjoys running, fishing and being outdoors. He likes running, fishing and being outdoors.

Iain hails from Scotland, where he worked for 13 years in the painting and decorating trade, becoming one of the most talented decorative plasterers we’ve ever seen. Previously Iain and Kieran had worked together for 2 years as Senior Foremen for a well-known New Zealand painting and decorating company, where the core of the work was EQC repairs. Sometimes they were the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th people on the job to correct work that had not been done up to standard the first time. This work, though sad to see, was satisfying in that they were relied upon to be the final fix – yet it was also impersonal, with no direct interaction with the client to provide a personal guarantee and reassurance after what must have been a series of very disappointing service providers.